Book Up Summer Program

Kindergarten student reading

The Book Up Summer program provides students with 12 brand new and free books of their choosing to read over the summer break. All K-2 students at DeLong are eligible and students will select their books in May and will receive their books during the last week of school. Students can pick from a wide variety of genres such as non-fiction, graphic novel, picture and chapter books. 

Have questions?

Email MaryJane Ladenburg at for more information. 

View the Book Up Program Information Powerpoint

Tips for helping your student select a book 

It's important to encourage your student to read books independently. You can help your student choose the right books that are appropriate for their reading level. Start by opening a book of their choosing to a middle page and asking your student to read the page out loud. Keep track of the unknown or misunderstood words. 

  • 1 unknown word - This book may be too easy for your student. Too easy books are fun for your child to read and give your student a sense of accomplishment. Students can read these types of books to relax and practice previously learned words and skills.  
  • 2 unknown words - This will be a good book for your student to read independently. 
  • 3 unknown words - This book might frustrate your student and may not be the best choice for independent reading. 
  • 4 or more unknown words - This book is not recommended for independent reading but would make a great read-aloud book. Students can increase their listening skills, vocabulary and comprehension when adults read aloud to them.