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DeLong Elementary School

4901 S 14th St, Tacoma, WA 98405

253-571-5800 (Fax: 253-571-5803)​​​​​

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  1. The best place to start is your classroom teacher. Find contact information in the staff directory.
  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.
Name               Position Email  
Eric Konishi Principal  
Maura Toohey Assistant Principal  
Christine Becker Office Coordinator  
Danita Kiourkas Becca/Office Secretary  
Courtney Lawson School Counselor  
Lindsey McKee School Social Worker  
Kristen Bouska RN School Nurse  
Melissa Wells LPN School Nurse  
Laura Staples Psychologist  
Kurt Shevalier PE Teacher  
Jill Hess Occupational Therapist  
Linda Grigholm ELL Teacher  
Allison Wigstrom Physical Therapist  
Summer Green LAP Teacher  
Mary Jane Ladenburg Title I Teacher  
Heather Manion LRC Teacher  
Jodi Jensen Librarian  
Emily DeRusha Pre-School Teacher  
Wendy Brown Kindergarten Teacher  
Nicole LeCompte Kindergarten Teacher  
Lise' Olsen Kindergarten Teacher  
Tricia Adams 1st Grade Teacher  
Ann Balerud 1st Grade Teacher  
Sarah Murray 2nd Grade Teacher  
Emily Leobell 1st Grade Teacher  
Chris Takla 2nd Grade Teacher  
Sela Parr 3rd Grade Teacher  
Patti Vig 3rd Grade Teacher  
Pam Cocké 4th Grade Teacher  
Breanna Rossmaier 2nd Grade Teacher  
Jennifer Fagan 4th/5th Grade Teacher  
Angie Salo 4th Grade Teacher
John Kingery 5th Grade Teacher